Monday, May 11, 2020

What Are You Doing During Quarantine?

This quarantine has been hard. It's not like I don't have projects to work on, but a simple task almost brought me to my knees. Threading the needle on my sewing machine. I am sure it is because I wear readers and just can't get myself to that sweet spot where I can see the thread and the needle at the same time. It really reminded me why I quit sewing in the first place. Every so often, I would think of a sewing project and then think to myself, not on that sewing machine. Then I learned that new sewing machines have needle threaders on them.

Hubby and I had the conversation and he encouraged me to buy a new machine. I started looking, researching and then shopping. Do you know how hard it is to find a sewing machine during a pandemic when EVERYONE is sewing masks? I put two on my wish list at and waited. Either one would be fine. One was a Singer and the other a Brother. I checked back every morning to see if I got an email about one of the machines on my wish list. Then I checked their website anyway. AHA! One of the machines, a Brother, was available, so I snapped it up. It has 150 stitches, which is 140 more than my last machine (incidentally the old one is 33 years old.)

Since it came I have tried the different stitches, tried making a hot pad (I'll do two layers of batting in the next one) and made adjustments to younger daughter's face mask. I bought a quilting book and downloaded a bunch of free e-Books from Then allergies set in and with it allergic migraines.  No sewing for me.

I discovered not only was there a run on sewing machines, but quilting supplies too. I'm talking rulers, squares (plastic) and fat squares. When we feel comfortable going away from home again, I'll try the quilt store in Crossville for fabric. I really miss Hancock Fabrics, which was a staple here for so long until they closed. We have Hobby Lobby, but their fabric selection is rather sparse. We were supposed to get a Michael's when the new shopping center opened up, but apparently that fell through. I mean, it would be so nice to have a craft store that was open on Sunday.

One of the things I really like about this machine is the ability to sew from almost any position. I have not yet used the foot pedal. It's still in the plastic it was packed in. And OMG, this machine weighs 10 lbs. The old one was 25 lbs. I can pick up the new one in one hand. The automatic needle threader is great, although I'm never sure I'm doing it right until I see that little loop of thread on the backside of the needle! I'm starting a project list and when the allergies ease I'll be found in my craft room!

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Friday, May 1, 2020

Monthly Project In My Memories

At the end of every month, I redo my desktop wallpaper. Hopefully, it's loaded before the 1st of the month. This month, as always, it's a calendar. I do this in my MyMemories 9 program.

This month, I tried to find something spring like although it's starting to feel like summer! The cat is our Mouse, now almost 8-1/2 years old!

I don't like a cluttered desktop and one of the things I really like about my MacBook Pro and it's Mojave operating system (no, I haven't updated to Catalina yet) is the ability to group items. I have a folder for document files that I want handy, pictures, PDF and spreadsheets. And of course my folder with the calendars. I find this is a good way to keep manuals within easy retrieval!

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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Sometimes Things Don't Work Properly

I dragged out my sewing machine the other day. I've had this machine for well over 30 years, a Sonata made by Singer for sale at fabric stores. I bought mine at Joann's at least around 1987-88. Yeah. It still works fine from the last time I took it in for a cleaning and oiling which was a long time ago, too. But it's old and my eyes, which have been "improved" by lasik surgery in 2001, don't see the needle holes well any more. In fact, I had to thread the sewing machine needle and when I pulled up the lever to raise the sewing foot, the needle dropped down into the machine. I had to remove the bottom of the machine to retrieve it, put the bottom back on, re-insert the needle and struggle to thread the needle. It took me a few tries, but I did it. Now I remember why I don't use it much anymore. It really wasn't a bad machine for it's time, but I think it's time for a new one. 

One of the things I looked for were a variety of stitches - it does 10. The other thing was the free arm, mostly for doing sleeves and pant legs. 

Now machines are computerized, have automatic threaders (YES!) and speed control (other than using your foot.) That's the upside. The downside? Can't find a machine anywhere due to COVID-19! 

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