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It Was an Awesome Trip

In our 38+ years of marriage we have been to several places. One I recall when our kids were young was DisneyWorld. It was great. Younger daughter turned 6 the day after we got there!

Hubby and I just returned from our second trip to Florida, and our first one driving. We planned on attending one of the largest RV shows in Tampa. We bought a really expensive souvenir, a 2018 Roadtrek Zion Class B motorhome. Actually, it is on order and we are rather impatient to get the call to pick it up. We took 3 days to get to Florida, trying to follow the 330 rule. That is, travel no more than 330 miles or quit driving by 3:30 pm. We were close. We left Tennessee a couple of days after some nasty weather. Because there are huge sections through central Tennessee that have no cell service, we opted to add almost 80 miles by following I-40 east to Knoxville and I-75 south, instead of hopping on TN-111, which is not far from home.

Entering into Florida on Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday holiday, the Welcome Center was closed except for restrooms. I couldn't resist the photo of the welcome sign.

The other photo was taken with a white Zion, not the exact model we bought, but the right color! On the left is Pastor Dave Bliss, who assisted us with our purchase.

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I can say for a certainty that on the trip home we did not follow the 330 rule. The first day we drove as far as Macon, Georgia so that we could get home on Sunday, when the weather would be clear instead of Monday, when rain was expected.

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