Thursday, August 2, 2012

Diary of a New Knee - Part 20 - 6 Weeks Out

Okay, so maybe I was naive, but I had hoped to be in much better condition after 6 weeks. Right now, I have a long haul yet  to get better flexibility. It's coming, but it is really slow.

Things I can do that I wasn't doing just 3 weeks ago: Mopping floors. This became a necessity this morning after dumping a full cup of coffee on the floor. While I was at it, got the rest of the hardwoods done! Was I sore afterwards? Oh yeah. Pedaling the folding bike. I am getting full range on this. At therapy on the BIG bike, it is more difficult. Walking unaided. Around the house at least. It is easiest after I do the knee stretch with the band. That's about the only time my knee feels "normal." Or at least as close to normal as I can feel these days.

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Diary of a New Knee - Part 19

Marsh, my PT, devised a new instrument of evil for me today, the stationary bike. OMG! You don't even realize how weak you are until you see that you can't push in a complete circle. And when your knee starts twitching uncontrollably? And you are still encouraged to go as far as possible before the pain gets unbearable? I did ten minutes of this at PT this morning. On 4 hours sleep.

I napped afterwards.

Then this evening, hubby dragged out his little portable stationary bike for me to try. The image is similar to the one we have. Lo and behold, I could actually push the pedals in a complete circle, frontwards and backwards. I'm sure it is because of the angle and such. We'll see again on Wednesday at my next PT session!

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Diary of a New Knee - Part 18 - Working Harder

After my latest doctor's appointment - I am just 5 weeks out from surgery - I was informed by said doctor that I needed to make some progress so that he doesn't have to take me back to surgery to manipulate my knee under anesthesia (me not him) to get my range of motion more normal. He told my loving hubby to  press on my knee and force it down and not be gentle about it. My new physical torturer is also pressing my knee, stretching it, bending it, putting a weight on my upper thigh with my ankle propped to help stretch it and other sorts of things she can think of to torture me with. All these things are happening and I can say after two days of more intensive therapy I am starting to make progress again. Very awkward happy dance here!

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