Sunday, October 28, 2012

Good Days vs Bad Days

I think I've finally turned the corner on my right knee rehab. I've noticed over the last week that I've had more good days than bad! I've been able to sit in the car longer and not cringe with pain on getting out. Part of that is that I can and do move my right leg a lot in the car to keep from getting stiff. I've been able to work on cards and genealogy although it is still easier to get up from the office desk chair than the craft desk chair - mainly due to the presence of arms on the office chair! With the exception of my sometimes wonky blood sugar I feel almost back to my normal self. One of these days I'll be glad I had this done. 

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DH and I had talked about expanding our deck before we got our spa. The bad thing was the timeline. Instead, we went with a cement slab - and sidewalk - and additional slab (future fire pit.)

Since then, our favorite builder (Turner Homes of Tennessee) had some time to spare ... the upshot is that our deck is growing about 3+ feet on one side and 2 feet all across the front. So we are going from 12 x 16'7" to 14 x 20.  Here are before and during shots.  I remember how big our deck looked when we first moved in.

Everything off but the grill!
Gotta watch your step!

 And here we are down to just an egress route - which enables us to still use the spa in the interim. The front will extend to the edge of the concrete and 3+ feet on the right. That is the guest room on the right.

It's being replaced with Timbertech in our ongoing effort to become maintenance free. Now if the weather cooperates!

Copyright 2008-2012, ACK, for Generational