Monday, February 14, 2011

Ford & CatalystRx & CVS

Sad to say, but I am beginning to think of this page as my rant page. Or my happy scrapbooking page. Mostly rant, unfortunately.

Sadly, Ford Motor Company always gives me something to get upset about. The latest is their change to CatalystRx for our prescriptions replacing MedCoRx. You know, Ford, getting your prescriptions via mail order is a royal pain in the behind, but having to deal with CatalystRx is really starting to piss me off.

Back in January, I sent in three prescriptions. All drugs were covered in the plan when I sent in the prescriptions. Two were filled with no problems. The third, for my asthma inhaler, Xopenex, has been rejected. It's no longer covered. Instead, my prescription insurances wants me to use something that is going to give me palpitations. What the heck is that about? And does anyone (doctor included) call me to tell me there is going to be a change? No. Supposedly, the doctor's office called in the new prescription on February 9th to a local pharmacy. Again, no one bothered to call me and inform me. CVS did not call me to tell me there was a prescription waiting for me. So today, after ascertaining that a prescription was supposedly called in on February 9th, I called the pharmacy. No inhaler, no record of it.

I thought this prescription coverage was a good thing. Part of Ford's preventative coverage plan. It's a load of horse you-know-what. I feel like I have to roll over and play dead just to get the medication that works for me. I can't help it, if it is new and doesn't have a generic equivalent, but why should I be penalized.

All this has done is ticked me off and raised my blood pressure. Great preventative care Ford.

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