Thursday, February 25, 2010

Of Potholes & Poplars

Central Tennessee is having the coldest winter in years. Many years. Since 2010 made its entrance, we've rarely pushed above our 46 degree normal high. It's actually unbelievable how cold it has been here this year.

I've lost track of the snowfall, but its probably about twice the eight-inch average. Seriously snowy this year. The school board is scrambling to come up with plans for the kids to make up snow days, as all of them have been expended. The state is scrambling for funds for salt and brine for the roads.

And the potholes! Last year, I smugly told younger daughter, still living and working in cold and snowy Michigan, that potholes were rare here.  They are rare no longer.

The best sight last weekend though, was the emergence of buds on my tulip poplar tree.  Eventually it will flower and look like the picture. The tree we have is well over 50 feet tall and the lowest limb is probably 15-20 feet off the ground, so the only time I really get a good look at the flowers is after a heavy wind or rain, when they end up on the ground. I know, though, that when I start seeing the buds, that spring can't be too far away!

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Taste of Tennessee - The Dog House!

A friend of mine asked me last week if we had Coney Islands here. The answer is yes and no.  We can get true coney island hot dogs here at a place called the Dog House. It's the type of coney place that I remember from when I was young. They serve hot dogs with chili and onions and the best fries on the face of the earth.  DH and I will try to make it there once a month or so and chat with the owner about Detroit style things.  She even gets her hot dogs shipped in from Detroit. The decor is nothing fancy, as the walls are decorated with mostly old Michigan license plates. In fact the last time we were there, the owner was trying to figure out what she would have to take down in order to hang the posters she received.

The no part of the answer, is that no, there are no Coney Island style restaurants where you can get a really good Greek salad. And I miss that.  But I can still get that coney dog!

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Relatively Speaking - Cousins That Blog - Inspiration

It's my turn for Relatively Speaking today over at Gene Notes. Come on over!

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