Thursday, March 19, 2009

Shoppin' Round

In between wondering if one of my younger sisters sent her back problems to me, DH and I have been doing little stuff around the house. Like filling in the lake on the side of the house. The dirt has decided to settle over the grinder pump and fills with water - much to the joy of the bluebirds around here - creating a small lake. DH has been filling in the low spots in dry times to move the wet spot further from the house. You see, we are lower than our neighbor to the west, so grading was kind of tricky. On one of our semi-weekly run to Lowe's we saw the most gorgeous annuals, rununculus, which just might replace my favorite impatiens. These flowers are about the size of a gerbera daisy but fuller, like a rose. Gorgeous! We also raked all the leaves away from the house and landscape plants, oh wait that was me - and we (me again) hoed around the irises in the backyard then planted a small fence around them so the landscaper doesn't run over them when it's time to mow. Ouch no wonder my back hurts.

DH and I were relaxing and fighting over the heating pad when one of our lamps started flickering. Doesn't matter what kind of bulbs you put in it, they flicker. After 25+ years they are starting to go. Imagine the sticker shock! Of course the first lamps we saw were well into three figures and that didn't include the darn shade! Yikes. We found out from one store that they have more lamps arriving next week so we hope to find just what we want from them then.

On St. Paddy's day, DH and I drove to West Knoxville to meet a friend of his for dinner at a micro-brew. This friend and DH have known each other well over 35 years, and the friend is a Tennessee native. It was a nice visit and we hope he gets a chance to visit on his trip back to Michigan.