Friday, August 26, 2011

Scrapbooking! (part eight)

These are the last two of the pages I completed at the Scrapbook Luau. Well, started at the Scrapbook Luau. In the Vacation Theme - first Disney World - this was a day trip to Lansing, Michigan from our former home in Redford Township, Michigan to see the Doctor Who Tour. Yes, we were and still are huge Doctor Who fans. And of course, we not only dragged our kids along, but also Heather, their friend and the girl I babysat while we lived in Redford.

I can't think but how lame the inside picture of the heart of the Tardis - the engine - looks when you compare it to the current incarnation. This was 1987 and special effects the look of the engine have changed tremendously.

How appropriate we travel back in time ... The first page background is from the Paper Studio miscellaneous 8.5 x 11 pack. The second page is made from DCWV's "Green Stack." I always thought it was great that Nyssa (Sarah Sutton) was there for pictures and autographs. Nyssa's stay with the Doctor started during the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) and ended with the Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison.)

I would have thought that the Doctor Who Tour would have just been a sidebar and not really an event in Older Daughter's life. DH an I are both pleased she chose these pictures for her album.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Scrapbooking! (part seven)

Today's pages are also from our trip to Disney World in 1988. I can't believe its been 23 years. One of the weirdest memories I have from that trip is our afternoon swim was always punctuated by rain. Not a full-blown rain like we experienced almost every morning - after all it was Hurricane season - but more than a sprinkle. As soon as mommy got in the water though, it would stop. How weird was that? So I would be stretched out by the pool with DH watching the kids when I would hear "Mommy get in the water." So I would jump in and sure enough the rain would stop!

Today's pages were constructed with Paper Studio textured cardstock and their All Season stack. I just love the bright colors. The lettering, cut out on my Cricut, is Disney Park. This was another of the fonts I got from Scrapping Table. The green ribbon is also from Paper Studio. I used Paper Studio's Clear stamps for the word stamps.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Scrapbooking! (part 6)

Disney World! In 1988, we booked the family trip for July. Our destination - the Disney World resort in Orlando, Florida. I'm not too sure who was more excited, the kids or the adults.

Knowing how packed the parks would be, the first thing we did was drill our room number and the name of the resort into the kids heads. If you were to ask them now where we stayed in Disney World, you would hear a resounding report of "CLUB VILLA 720."

For these first two pages I again used the "Penny Lane" collection from My Mind's Eye. I used a Mickey Mouse Ears font that I obtained from the Scrapping Table. Thanks Michelle!

On the second page, I used the letters from The Mickey Mouse Ears font. The butterfly is from K&Co. The flowers came from my table-mate Carrie at the Scrapbook Luau. I suspect they are from K&Co also. Thanks, Carrie!

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Scrapbooking! (part five)

As I said before, I broke up the book into events and now we are headed into the birthdays. Each girl picked out the pictures they wanted from the bins and bins of photos and I am working with that.

The birthday years were all done with My Mind's Eye "Penny Lane." Have I said how much I love those papers? The ribbon is from Paper Studio, the butterfly is from K&Co.

 The numbers were cut from open stock paper from Paper Studio. When I first started scrapbooking again, I was buying open stock papers until I found some stacks that I really liked. I can't say I lean towards any one company, but find I really like My Mind's Eye.

Make sure you click on the images to see the detail. Use your browser's back button to return to this blog.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Scrapbooking! (part four)

 Okay, we are finally moving beyond the first two years. I more or less have the book divided into events, but this next page is from her third year. Well, the last one she is a little older. Maybe six? The first picture is with her Teddy. She still has Teddy. She got him from her baby sister when she was three. She actually got to pick him out. The paper is again from DCWV's "Green Stack/"

The next picture is at Christmas with the princess telephones that were like walkie talkies. We all had fun with those.

And the last picture I could date because she is wearing one of the sun suits we bought in Cincinnati after we forgot to pack the girls' suitcases in the car. To this day, I can't drive past Sidney, Ohio without hearing "I hope you remembered to pack our suitcases!"  We hadn't. Quick trip to Sears and sales stocked us up with enough hot weather clothes for them for the few days down there. Including PJ's, underwear, etc. Fortunately their bathing suits were in a separate bag.

The next page is again My Mind's Eye "Penny Lane." I added the eyes to the owls with Paper Studio brads.The "When I Grow Up I Want to Be" was cut from the 'Simply Delightful' stack from My Mind's Eye. I have used this stack for so much.

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Oops! Pardon My Memory

At the beginning of this Scrapbooking theme I started here I mentioned I couldn't remember where on earth I got the fancy Daughter title.   I got it from Denise's Scrapbooking Room blog here. I apologize to Denise for not checking sooner. She has some beautiful stuff that she shares and these titles are just gorgeous! Thanks Denise!

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Scrapbooking! (part three)

The next two pages were done with DCWV's "Green Stack." One of my favorite stacks because of the critters and such on the pages. Again, I do not scrapbook in 12 x 12 pages, so I always have to make some sort of adjustments to the pages, like cutting cute corners off. I think I compensated well with the owl ribbon. 

The second page I just tweaked by cutting the Green Stack with my Cricut to give it a nice edge and tucked the images under that. A few little blingy additions to the tree leaves and the Pigtails word art was done with My Mind's Eye "Simply Delightful" stack. When I went through the pictures and started pulling the ones I wanted for Older Daughter's scrapbook, I was amazed at how many pictures we had of her with pigtails!

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