Saturday, January 7, 2012

Project 52 - My Memories Suite

Okay, I will admit that I am a little jealous of bloggers who are able to commit to posting a photo a day every day for 365 (or 366) days. This year, at the My Memories Blog they have started Project 52. Yes, that's right a 52 week project and this weeks challenge is to take a picture daily to capture the moment. This resonated with me since I failed to take one picture of the family gathered for Christmas. Now that I think of it, I should have given the camera to DH or one of my daughters and said TAKE PICTURES. But I didn't. I didn't even think of it because I was busy preparing dinner with the help of younger daughter. This year, I hope it will be different. One can only hope, eh?

If you read my earlier post, you will see that I am also an avid scrapbooker. Today's pictures kind of reflect how I feel, even though no human appears in them! You'll also recognize them from my earlier post!

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What I've Been Doing This Year

The day after Christmas, I ordered a "gift" for myself .. a full-sized craft cutting machine. Since September of 2010, I've been using a Cricut original by Provocraft and Sure-Cuts-A-Lot (SCAL). But as well all know, Provocraft and Sure-Cuts-A-Lot came to an agreement and all support for SCAL and Cricut was deleted. Well, I can still use SCAL on the baby bug, but I can still only cut 6 x 12. Which is more like 11.75 and 5.75. It was time, I felt, for a full sized cutter.

After months of hesitating, researching and recommendations from other bloggers and crafters, I settled on the Sizzix eClips. The thing I like about the eClips, is that it can perform feats of Magic! It has a laser preview, it has print 2 cut (print on your printer, cut on eClips.) It was crisp and clean. And Sizzix allowed Craft Edge to develop eCAL software exclusively for the eClips. So if you are not using the handheld controller for the eClips - you don't even need to load the cartridge.

OMG, I was so surprised last Saturday when it was delivered. I immediately sat down and began to work on an album of wedding photos from my niece's wedding last November. I did ten pages in that - and oh, what a pleasure it was to cut 12 x 12 paper. I cut chipboard that I'd been saving from hubby's last shirt purchase and the letters I made with it came out so crisp and clean.

Then I started on Christmas pictures for Older Daughter's album/scrapbook. It was in the middle of the second page that I experienced what only a few other scrappers have experienced - the machine stopped in mid-cut and turned itself off. Seriously. A call to Sizzix (Ellison) and it has been determined that it needs to go in for tests and I am confident they'll either fix it or replace it. I am so sad. Last night I received the emails from Sizzix and FedEx for shipping it back. It's all set to go on Monday.

I was able to finish the second Christmas page - with the Cricut, because the SVG files were smaller ones. They are from the Christmas Scrapbook pages kit from SVG Cuts. I ordered the eClips through Punkin' Patch Stamps because they simply have the best price around. SVG Cuts and Punkin' Patch Stamps are Autumn Creative Companies.

Back to digital scrapbooking, while I await return of my eClips. I hope the withdrawal isn't too painful.

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Freebie Friday - My Memories Suite

Are you new to scrapbooking? Want to get started by not sure how to go about it? Just bought My Memories Suite, version 3 and want to play with it? The answer is this "suite" set of quick pages that are yours exclusively from My Memories for a limited time. Not only will you download the quick pages, but you also get the papers and embellishments included on the quick pages so that you can stretch your two pages into as many as you want. And don't forget you can flip these pages, rotate them, mirror them to give you a great variety that is color coordinated.

If you haven't tried My Memories yet, try the trial version that can be downloaded here. If you like what you see, use my STMMMS188876 code to get $10 off the full version! Just click on the blinkie on the right side of the page!

You can down load these quick pages here.

Happy Scrapbooking!

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Monday, January 2, 2012

Bye-Bye 2011

I can't believe 2011 is gone! I'm always glad to see the new year in and 2012 is no exception. 2011 was a year of really low lows and some really great highs. DH and I have come to terms with our diseases and are both taking steps to improve our overall condition. That is always a good thing. It certainly has given me the nudge to lose weight and 2011 has ended with a 41 pound weight loss. I've exercised more this year than any year since we moved here. Now if the weather would cooperate a little more.

This was the year of crafting almost continuously. Before 2011, I did the occasional craft project, but in late 2010 I bought a Cricut - the original one - the babybug. All I can say, that I was really disappointed with Provocraft's lawsuit against Craft Edge who developed software to allow you to use outside svg files without spending a fortune on cartridges. Also, the quality of the cuts left something to be desired. Then came Sizzix, who embraced Craft Edge and allowed them to develop a program exclusively for the Sizzix which has such great features. They are so great, I ordered one. And I got a great deal on it. I ordered it from Punkin Patch Stamps (an Autumn Creative company). This is the same company that owns SVGCuts. I've enjoyed watching all the You Tube videos that I can find on the eclips. Also, the eclips cartridges are much cheaper, so if I find some I really like, I may even purchase them. In the meantime, I am making a wish list for SVGCuts. I have to insert here that over the weekend, I had some questions about the eclips, shipping etc., and Leo was kind enough to take the time to answer my emails. I didn't really expect it.

The other thing that kept me busy, especially after September, was being allowed to use My Memories Suite, and review it*. And I got to keep the program. I had been using Scrapbook Factory Deluxe, v. 4. It was okay, but it really didn't work that well with outside images. The internal images could only be used with their program. Not so with MMS. They allow me to use all kinds of different images, especially PNGs and JPEGs. There are a lot of freebie kits out there and I have enjoyed finding them. And My Memories comes loaded with some great kits. And they offer free kits and quick pages in their design shop. There are also designer templates for you to use if you really have problems coming up with page ideas. I had so much fun that hubby and daughters each got memory books for Christmas. 2012 promises to be a very crafty year around here. I can't wait for that Sizzix to be delivered.

Look for another giveaway in the New Year.

*Interested in purchasing My Memories Suite? Click on the My Memories image on the right and use my code STMMMS18876 to get $10 off the purchase of the full program.

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Sunday, January 1, 2012