Friday, December 12, 2008

Snow Day!

I remember as a kid waiting for a snow day. I think I can remember maybe 3 total. Kids here in mid-Tennessee get a snow day when it threatens to snow.

So last night we got an inch of snow, and school was cancelled for today. This is the second time school has been cancelled for weather reasons this term. This is actually the first real snow day as we got a whole inch of the white stuff. It is rapidly melting and dropping from trees, and I can now see the green grass below it.

When school is called off because of weather, the first place to really feel it is the grocery stores. Everyone feels it is necessary to rush into Kroger, Walmart, and Food Lion to clear the shelves because they might be stuck in the house for four hours or so. It is un-freakin-believable! And so laughable to someone from Michigan.

I have to go now and restrain DH from going out and actually buying a snow shovel. At least he has given up trying to convince me we need a snow blower!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Swimming Lessons

First, I have to say that I am extremely grateful for the rain. We have been in drought conditions here in Tennessee for a couple of years, so every bit of rain that we do get is welcome.

Second, I am extremely grateful that we are not getting snow. The four inches of rain we've had this week would have been well over a three feet of snow. BUT, I am not ready for our side yard to fill up with water either! But, if it would freeze, we'd have a killer skating rink. Er, I think I donated my ice skates to Salvation Army.

Last, the top picture was taken about 6:30 pm CST, the other around noon today. What a difference a few hours makes, eh?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Well, the Outside is Christmasfied

Finally, the outside lights are all up. The weather on Tuesday was perfect, if a bit windy, to hang the light clips on the gutters and put up the icicle lights. I had two strands of white lights left, so I put those on the deck, so that is decked out too.
The top picture is the deck - the lights reflect nicely off the grill, don't they? The other picture is the front of the house.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What A Weekend

The Christmas decorations are up! Yay. The final touch was something to put our Christmas cards in. Found a cute little gift box at Hobby Lobby and now it is mostly complete. I was unsuccessful in searching for something to raise up the Snow Village portion that is on top of my bookcases. And the dining room is curiously unholiday like. I might have to do something about that!

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Longest Paving Job in the World

Way back in October, on the day we left for niece's wedding, it appeared that the paving job on Fairground was about to be completed. We had to wait to get out of our dead end subdivision, and off we went to enjoy a wedding. Five days later, we returned to see a road that looked like it had been fully asphalted, and striped. Closer inspection showed that the road was still lacking it's final coat, being at least an inch below the drains. Now, to be fair, this was not just a re-pave, it was a complete road reconstruction/widening project which included new drains. They started this over a year

You guessed it, they finally put the final layer on last Saturday. Of course, we knew this because we wanted to go out and they were working at our only exit choice. When we returned a couple hours later, the road was indeed "done" with the exception of the striping.

In the seven week interim, the crews laid sod. They were still laying sod the week of Thanksgiving. This job is way over due.

This same road construction company repaved five lanes of Willow street for 1.5 miles in a record 2-3 weeks. Go figure.

On a brighter note, my blog hits climbed over one thousand this weekend. Cool.