Monday, December 8, 2008

The Longest Paving Job in the World

Way back in October, on the day we left for niece's wedding, it appeared that the paving job on Fairground was about to be completed. We had to wait to get out of our dead end subdivision, and off we went to enjoy a wedding. Five days later, we returned to see a road that looked like it had been fully asphalted, and striped. Closer inspection showed that the road was still lacking it's final coat, being at least an inch below the drains. Now, to be fair, this was not just a re-pave, it was a complete road reconstruction/widening project which included new drains. They started this over a year

You guessed it, they finally put the final layer on last Saturday. Of course, we knew this because we wanted to go out and they were working at our only exit choice. When we returned a couple hours later, the road was indeed "done" with the exception of the striping.

In the seven week interim, the crews laid sod. They were still laying sod the week of Thanksgiving. This job is way over due.

This same road construction company repaved five lanes of Willow street for 1.5 miles in a record 2-3 weeks. Go figure.

On a brighter note, my blog hits climbed over one thousand this weekend. Cool.