Friday, June 12, 2009

Weird Dreams

Sometimes my dreams are really weird. Like the one I had last night of a dog my family owned when I was a little girl. This dog's name was Kippy or Sam, depending on who called her. Yeah, she was a cute little mutt that my perverse family insisted on calling Sam.

Sam was an unusual dog. I don't really remember her being a loud, barking dog, but I do remember she used to jump the fence and make the rounds of the neighbors' yards with our next door neighbors rooster "Rooty." I don't really remember the dream much, but just that Sam was in it.

Cut to the next dream fragment which involved older daughter back in the "cult" she belonged to for a year. This so-called ministry program enlisted young adults for their program, but really all they really did was slave labor. Older daughter completed the one year program, just to say she completed it. In this dream, however, I dreamed that she was once again in their clutches and took out a loan in her name for another couple. WTF? Where the heck did that dream come from?

How bizarre both dreams were. Sometimes I wonder where the heck my dreams come from.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Ok, I have been holding this one in for a couple weeks.

1. The guy in the red truck, traveling east on Fairground last week, you know who you are, threw a BANANA PEEL out? @$$hole!

2. This second one I am not sure which one was the worse idiot, the driver of the Ford Ranger or the passenger in the bed of the truck, sitting on a cooler. On the freeway. Doing 70 mph.