Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Yet Another Washer Post! Sears and Mr. Appliance Fail

On June 25th, the day after I returned home from the hospital after having a total right knee replacement, our washer leaked. Several repairs later, the damn thing is leaking again. Monday, my wonderful DH, called Sears to talk to someone about getting some satisfaction on this machine. On reading our contract, one of the options was a refund of the Master Protection Agreement. Or at their discretion a replacement - which could ultimately be a rebuilt machine. Now why would we want to replace a defective machine with the same thing? Not an option for us. Neither is having the same company come out and repair it. If they haven't fixed it yet, why try again. And apparently Mr. Appliance, the contract repair company, has not reported all the service calls and parts replaced. So Sears is saying we've only had repair three times. Not so. They also told DH that if we haven't heard from them in 48 hours, we should call them back. I don't know why, since no one from Sears ever returns our calls. They just pass it on to the repair company.

This is a washer that is four and a half years old. We bought it because we were so happy with our previous Kenmore washer. Sorry to say that this one did not live up to its predecessor.

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