Saturday, February 18, 2012

Card-Making with eClips, eCAL and SVG Cuts

The eClips has been getting quite the workout recently. And I do love making cards. This group of cards is from the A2 All Occasion Cards kit from SVG Cuts. I like working with A2 cards because a year or so ago, I bought a box of colored blanks. Colored on the outside and white on the inside. Really, way too cute! And just right for the A2 card applications.  The blue was NOT  electric blue, but a more subdued blue. Flash bounced way too much off of it. I'm really happy how they turned out. The dots were a lot of fun to do too!

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Someone's Celebrating

Yes, indeed. Someone is most certainly celebrating a very large number today! 

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Card-Making with Sizzix eClips, eCal & SVG Cuts - Part 2

If some of these look familiar to you, its because I have posted them over on FB at the SVGCuts page.  I love them. These are still from the Premium Pop-up Cards kit at SVG Cuts. I am having so much fun with it. Here are just two of the cards I made. I couldn't resist getting a heads up on the Halloween card - I had just the paper for it!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Card-making with the Sizzix eClips

My favorite companies these days are Sizzix and  SVG Cuts and Craft Edge (Sure Cuts A Lot software). Sizzix because they have designed the most wonderful cutter - the eClips - and allowed Craft Edge to design SCAL software exclusively for the eClips (eCAL.) SVG Cuts designs the files for use in the eCal and SCAL software.

For those of you not familiar with the eClips, it is a cartridge-based cutter, that has a unique hand-held controller. However, if you use eCAL, you don't need to use the cutter or the cartridge; the software gives you all the sweet features of the controller.

SVG Cuts, the above mentioned company that produces the SVG files for use in the software, is a super company. Every week they release a new kit that you have the option of picking up for free for one week with the purchase of other kits. Since I am building up my kit library, this has been working out wonderfully for me. I have been spending an average of 10.98 to pick up two kits plus the free one. This is a fraction of the cost of a cartridge for any cartridge-based system.

Back to cards. One of the first free kits I picked up was the Everyday Cards Kit. I love it. I made so many I gave a box of them to each of my daughters. Then I made a box for myself. These are all A2 size. Then I bought the A2 All Occasion Cards and made a bunch of those. They are so cute. Then I bought the kit for the Premium pop-up cards - I think I am in love with these. The nicest thing about this kit is that you can choose the size from A1 to A6 and square cards. The square cards are my new favorites because you have a little more flexibility with how you place the embellishments.

Here are a few of the square cards I made! The thank you card is one of my favorites. Mary at SVGCuts gave a great tip about making the flower. Instead of a brad, though, I used a glittery stick-on brad. For the Christmas card, I had some left-over paper and saw that the sleigh would make a great card. I was right. So I made the card base out of AC Card stock and applied the paper and trip to the front of that after applying the pop-up to the inside. Then to break up all that red I cut one of the trees included in the kit and applied it to the inside. I also fiddled with the size of the strip on the right side of the card and cut two in different colors.

Thank You

Love You

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Yes, I have been extremely quiet. Mostly because I have been working on a genealogy project that involved long hours of extracting census information and linking census images to my genealogy database. Also, I have been working on some paper projects. Eventually, I will get all this posted, but today I wanted to show you the unconventional Valentine gifts for my DH.

 On the left is a jukebox card - my DH loves music; the right is a stack of records with a pair of dice stacked on the top. Really, I should have made a tiny tax form, because that is what DH has been working on this month! The record stack box is filled with kisses!  Both were made with the Rockin' Rollin' kit from They have the best SVG kits that work with SCAL and eCAL (for the eClips from Sizzix.)

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