Saturday, November 14, 2009

Art Prowl 2009

This weekend is the 9th annual Art Prowl here in Cookeville, Tennessee! This is also the third time we've attended. And the first one where the temps have been above 60! What more could you want: great weather, great art, and the chance to see some of the artists at work.

Yesterday one of our highlights was going to see the art on display at the Marilee Hall art studio. Debi Wichman was demonstrating how she forms a basket weave pattern for a lid. There was a semi-disaster when a patron missed a step and knocked over part of a display. No one was hurt but there was some damage to a piece of art. Might have been worse if DH and I hadn't grabbed on to this lady.

Marilee does what I call ceramics with a sense of humor. We're hoping some of what we saw yesterday is still available!

I always regret that I can't wear jewelry that isn't 14k gold, because I saw some yesterday that I would have loved to own. Some were done by Teresa Graves and some by Adele Seitzinger, who also weaves.

Our last stop was at Wayne Hogan's studio. Wayne works in paper. We did not come away empty handed there.

Today we are back to Marilee Hall's studio and then to a couple private studios, one that works in wood and the other is from the Appalachian Center for Crafts that will be exhibiting in town.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


It's fall in lovely Tennessee. This week the temps have dropped to a more moderate upper fifties to lower sixties. With the sun shining, it is altogether gorgeous.

All that can be ruined by running an errand and seeing a sixty-year-old body in a crop top and shorts.Let me make that clearer.

A sixty-year-old body that has seen better days Plus abdominal surgery and body piercing. Wearing shorts and a crop top.

What was she thinking?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's a Giant Nutcracker!

Besides being an versatile vehicle - I mean, what other vehicle can stow a picnic table - my CR-V has a new function.

Apparently the squirrels in our neighborhood have decided that our driveway is the perfect dining venue, as they have been bringing all the fallen acorns to the foot of our drive.

I swear, I hear cheering each time DH and I back out of the drive along with all the popping noise!

At first I thought it was twigs from the last windstorm, but further investigation has revealed it is indeed acorns that have been cracked open by driving a vehicle over them.

Maybe that accounts for the increase in the squirrel population on our street?