Thursday, August 25, 2011

Scrapbooking! (part seven)

Today's pages are also from our trip to Disney World in 1988. I can't believe its been 23 years. One of the weirdest memories I have from that trip is our afternoon swim was always punctuated by rain. Not a full-blown rain like we experienced almost every morning - after all it was Hurricane season - but more than a sprinkle. As soon as mommy got in the water though, it would stop. How weird was that? So I would be stretched out by the pool with DH watching the kids when I would hear "Mommy get in the water." So I would jump in and sure enough the rain would stop!

Today's pages were constructed with Paper Studio textured cardstock and their All Season stack. I just love the bright colors. The lettering, cut out on my Cricut, is Disney Park. This was another of the fonts I got from Scrapping Table. The green ribbon is also from Paper Studio. I used Paper Studio's Clear stamps for the word stamps.

Copyright 2011, ACK, for Generational

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