Thursday, August 2, 2012

Diary of a New Knee - Part 20 - 6 Weeks Out

Okay, so maybe I was naive, but I had hoped to be in much better condition after 6 weeks. Right now, I have a long haul yet  to get better flexibility. It's coming, but it is really slow.

Things I can do that I wasn't doing just 3 weeks ago: Mopping floors. This became a necessity this morning after dumping a full cup of coffee on the floor. While I was at it, got the rest of the hardwoods done! Was I sore afterwards? Oh yeah. Pedaling the folding bike. I am getting full range on this. At therapy on the BIG bike, it is more difficult. Walking unaided. Around the house at least. It is easiest after I do the knee stretch with the band. That's about the only time my knee feels "normal." Or at least as close to normal as I can feel these days.

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