Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Picture at the Bottom of the Blog

One of the things I like most about our current home is its location in a small Tennessee college town. With a population hovering at about 28,000 it still has a lot to offer. City lots here average about half an acre instead of the typical 40 x 100 to 50 x 110 lots in most cities. They also average what we paid for our one-third acre lot up North about twenty years ago.

The city government has also managed to insert parks in strategic areas. There is Dogwood Park, a tiny oasis in the heart of downtown which also boasts a band shell. This park is currently undergoing a major expansion and it will be interesting to see if it manages to keep its charm. In addition, there is Walnut Park, even smaller than Dogwood Park, and City Lake Park, which oddly enough is barely in the city limits.

I think DH and I really favor Cane Creek Park, which brags that is in town but manages to incorporate a small fishing lake, man-made like most of the lakes around here; a disc golf course; and walking trails. I took this picture last year in the "Let's move Older daughter here so she can get her degree while still living on her own" movement.

Somewhere in the remaining unpacked boxes in storage is this picture framed. Maybe we'll find it sometime this year.


  1. Older daughter is getting so close to that degree, she can almost taste it.

  2. Yes, get that taste solidly in your mouth. Go for it girl!