Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Kids Watch That?

It boggles the mind sometimes when one of my kids says - "Did you watch that last night?" and is referring to one of the decorating shows I am addicted to on HGTV. It amazes them I am sure when I refer to an old episode of "Saved By the Bell" that both girls could probably recite dialog verbatim.

What really amazes me is that one of my kids has the same affinity for Saturday Night Live that I did 32 years ago. I rarely missed an episode those first three years and enjoyed the "Not Ready for Primetime Players." As older daughter commented on the news commentaries and how the show missed Tina Fey, I laughed as I was reminded of Chevy Chase and Jane Curtin and later Dan Akroyd & Jane Curtin on Weekend Update. And if an episode included Steve Martin as a guest host, well then all the better.

I guess that she enjoys a program I always did, shouldn't surprise me. After all, she shares my bizarre sense of humor. Why else would we watch The Daily Show and The Colbert Report?

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  1. I only watch SNL for the politics though. I'm such a geek. But I am interested in watching older skits from when the show started.