Monday, October 6, 2008

Lost in Translation

The internet is a wonderful thing. Yesterday I received an email from Poland. And no, it was not spam. This was forwarded through a service that matches family trees. The family this gentleman was researching is one of my DH's lines. I had to copy and paste his email into a nifty online Polish translator which didn't do a great job of translating what he said and what I wanted to say, but I think he understood me.

This morning, the first email in my box was from him and it included image files of a family chart of this line of my DH. Very cool. I forwarded the email to a Polish friend, hoping she can translate it better than the online translator. The charts I can read fortunately.

I spent an hour this morning trying to word a thank you note to the researcher. I flipped it back and forth between English and Polish. I hope it didn't lose anything in the translation.

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