Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Liar, Liar

Geithner - new Secretary of the treasury - does he really think we believe Turbo Tax made that mistake? Come on. Own up to it and resign. He does show that our system needs a total overhaul though. More and more I like the fair tax idea. Not that Geithner knows what that means!

Daschle - at least he had the sense to withdraw his name as Commerce secretary.

More and more Obama shows his abysmal judgement in people.


  1. Daschle was up for HHS Secretary. I'm beginning to think the whole freaking congress should be audited.

  2. Whatever. It's awfully disheartening. This is supposed to be a change for the better. Impeachment hearings for everyone?

  3. Why don't you just start referring to it as the 'failed Obama Administration.' You know, get it out of the way.