Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Tradition

Easter tradition in this family was to hide plastic eggs with clues to finding the next plastic egg with the next clue towards finding their Easter baskets. Every year, the Easter Bunny struggled to find the right wording to make those girls search hard for their basket, because they couldn't get the next clue until they solved the riddle.

Well, the little girls have grown up, one is still in Michigan, and yet, the Easter Bunny found the time to hide Older daughter's Easter goodies.

Older daughter will be 29 on Friday! At this rate, Easter Bunny will forget where the goodies were hidden before he can devise the clues.


  1. Older daughter is getting old!

  2. younger daughter should've made her roomie hide her easter prize in the same manner. except apt is pretty small, don't think it would take much to find.