Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This One's For You!

Thirty years ago tonight, my DH proposed to me. I think.

You see, it was a long day, it was Mother's day (May 13, 1979) and we had talked for the first time about marriage. I found out that day, that my future DH was not a multi-tasker and could handle only one thing at a time. But he led me to believe that once he sold his house, and bought a new one, he would be free to make that big decision. My first intimation that he was sort of scared of commitment.

I told him - quite generously on my part I think - that I would give him 18 months and if he hadn't asked me by then and since 1980 was a leap year, I would ask him!

Later that evening we were in the kitchen of the rented house in Dearborn that I shared with my roommate, Kathy, when future DH said something like "If you think you still want me ..."*

I asked him if that was a proposal, and when he said "Yes" I threw my arms around his neck. He asked me if it was a "Yes." See, he let me know that he did not like my ultimatum.

I was amazed on one hand that it took him so long to ask me, and on the other hand that we did it so fast. You see, we'd only gone on our first date 2 months and three days previously.

So happy 30th anniversary of our engagement, Honey!

* To this day, DH and I cannot actually remember what he said. But I did forget to say yes!