Friday, July 31, 2009

Family Visits

While on vacation from July 14 - 25, we visited lots of family. Visited Dave, Jen, Don, Renee, Diane, Mary & Jim, Jenni & Tom, Andrea. We also came home with some guests: Jim, Jack & Atwater, among others. Jim Beam and Jack Daniels - two of my favorite relatives. You say Jack Daniels is distilled in Tennessee, why not buy there? Because where Jack is distilled you can't buy it. It's a dry county. How about the new liquor place in Baxter, Putnam County, Tennessee? Well, let me say the large Jim Beam we buy there is $42. The same size in Michigan? $32.

We visited the Wine Merchant in Dearborn, Michigan and picked up Jack, Jim and a case of Atwater Brewery beer. Beer here? Mostly Budweiser, Miller & Michelob with the odd Sierra Nevada, Corona, etc. But these are usually only sold cold.

Also returning home with us are two bottles of wine from the Freedom Run winery in Niagara county, New York and 2 bottles from the Canton Winery in Canton, Michigan.

I kidded DH when we got home and told him we need to turn our storage room into a walk-in pantry and the pantry into a liquor cabinet. His suggestion was that we drink it!


  1. I took the Raspberry White Zin from Vinter's to the bachelorette party on Saturday - easily went the fastest, everyone really liked :-)

  2. We haven't opened any of ours yet. Good choice on the Raspberry Zin!