Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Wine List

Besides being beer snobs, DH and I have come to love the local Tennessee wines. Our favorite winery is the Stonehaus in Crossville, TN. Their Davenport Red is a concord grape wine and quite delicious. Even Older Daughter loves it.

They also have several others that are well worth it including their Cayuga grape wine - Lantana White! Actually there is not much of their wine we haven't tried.

Recently, DH and I tried the Del Monaco Winery, a brand new winery in our county. So far, their wines are a bit dry. Good, but just a tad dry for my taste.

One evening OD came over with a surprise for us - an $10.99 bottle of Muscadine from Highland Manor winery in Jamestown, Tennessee. This is Tennessee's oldest winery and the Muscadine grape is locally grown. Would you believe this wine has a one year waiting list? She came by through a friend who was gifted with it but the friend doesn't drink.

This bottle is being saved for something special. Hope it is worth the wait!