Saturday, October 31, 2009

Spooky Holiday Past

One of my favorite holidays as a kid .. and okay as a grownup, too was Halloween. I was even ambitious enough to make costumes for the kids.

This is 1985 and younger witchy daughter on left and older bumble bee daughter on right.

Zip ahead a few years and again younger daughter on left and older daughter on right! While I can take credit for some of OD's costume, I take no credit for YD's.


  1. Did Marie end up with that red skirt from YD? She had one just like it that she wore ALL the time. In her bag lady phase.

  2. Probably. Andrea wore it in kindergarten for Daisy Girl Scouts during international month or something. Then wore it the following halloween. So she is probably in first grade in this picture?

  3. that was 2nd grade - we're in the Livonia house.

    My favorite old Halloween picture is the one where I'm a leopard and I look really pissed off, ha.

    My costumes kept me a lot warmer back in the day...

  4. I have nominated you for the new Kreative Blogger award, come over to Reflections From the Fence to collect!