Monday, November 16, 2009

Affordable Art

Over the weekend, DH and I took the opportunity to participate in our 3rd Art Prowl. Always an interesting experience, especially some of the over-the-top art. We were lucky enough to come home with some!

This was done by one of our favorite artists, Wayne Hogan. His art is works on paper. The above small framed collage just appealed to us both.

Chairs is interesting. Most of Wayne's work is representational, although the odd thing will creep in now and then. The chairs shown on top is from his home. Did I mention, he is married to our real estate agent?

This has to be this year's favorite purchase. Marilee Hall is known for her whimsical ceramics. It's an interesting experience to purchase from the artist and have her explain that our little bird is a mistake. And we just thought the texture was interesting.


  1. Did you buy all three?? Love the bird! He surely has character.

  2. Yes, we did. The bird does have character, which is why we bought him.