Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Must Buys

I LOVE Christmas catalogs. In fact, November and December are my favorite months for catalogs.

Somehow I got on the mailing list here for both Carol Wright and Lilian Carter. The latter has all the usual stuff and the former about blew me away with their selection of PERSONAL SATISFACTION DEVICES!! Believe me some of them were downright scary looking. I can just imagine the injuries some of these things might cause. They sure looked way too scary!

However, the Bed, Bath & Beyond catalog had some of the more normal Christmas must haves:

1. Wine chillers. Really, you can choose by country or wine type. I guess the fridge just doesn't do it?

2. Monogram wine stoppers. I guess that says it all.

3. Deluxe Nose/Ear Hair Trimmer & Vacuum. God forbid you should leave a mess up your nose?

4. Retractable lease with Flashlight. Just in case you can't see your dog at the end of the leash? Retracting it won't help?

5. Digital coin jar. Really, too lazy to count your coins? We take 'em to the bank and they do it for us.

6. The Mangroomer! This is a DYI electric back hair shaver. It's fully extendable and adjustable to reach all areas of your back. Puh-lease! Don't tell my DH he's getting one for Christmas!


  1. If you take coins to the bank here, they are liable to charge you a percentage for counting them. As bad as the Coinstar machines.

  2. I had an account at TCF. Coin machine was free. One of the banks we use here does it at one branch for free.