Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Things I Miss This Holiday Season

1. First I miss my youngest daughter tremendously, especially at the holiday season.

2. I miss the mashed potatoes she makes. They are so good.

3. I miss the rest of my family and the traditions we have built.

4. I miss my mom and dad. What is Christmas after all without dad falling asleep while opening his gifts.

5. I miss DH's mom. I felt like I was her daughter. What more could you want in a mother-in-law.

6. I miss having small kids around at Christmas. Especially that 3-7 age group. They really make the celebration special.


  1. I miss you guys too. So much. At least next year I'll be there.

    Actually, I miss pretty much all the same things you do. Like mother, like daughter.

    Love you Momma.

  2. Love you too!

    And I miss grandpa hanging the turkey carcass from the tree in their backyard!