Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The First Robins of Spring?

Two days ago, on what was a gorgeous, sunny, if a wee bit cold (temps below freezing), DH and I saw the first robins of spring! Actually, robins winter in Tennessee and were out in force. I counted 6 of them. And they all looked really fat!

I have been enjoying almost daily visits from a pair of tufted titmice that like to sit on the back of one of the chairs on our front porch and stare into my office window. I hope they mind their manners! These little birds are very cute - crested like a cardinal but really small. I've seen them chase the jays away from the feeders. This picture is from Wikipedia.

The birdfeeder has seen the addition of a suet feeder for this cold weather.

Not that I have anything against squirrels, but I think I have cured them of eating the bird food. I found a tip about adding a little cayenne pepper to the feed, and that seems to have scared the squirrels away. Last time I filled the feeders, I just sprinkled a little on the ground. I feel like I am winning the war. When we lived in Michigan, I kept a birdfeeder count. I think the squirrels destroyed three feeders, DH dropped one and the latest one we've had for about 4 years. Yay!


  1. Yah! I knew that would amuse you.

  2. Like on Sal's (Already Pretty) new post, I commented about the 'wide shaft' (hee) boots I ordered.
    Hi, I'm 12.