Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ok, So I Am Weird.

I admit it. I have some things that really bug me that are so minor it is funny. Like the triple pole three-way switch in my living room. I have one of these on one side of the room and a double pole three-way on the other side. The triple pole controls the overhead light, the ceiling fan and the third turns the deck lights on and off. On the other side of the living room I have a double pole three-way that just controls the the ceiling fan and the over head light.

In the foyer I have a triple pole that controls the hallway light, the porch light and the exterior lights on the garage. There is also a double pole three-way in the garage that controls the interior lights of the garage and the exterior lights. In the hallway near our bedroom is a double pole three-way that controls the hall lights and the interior lights of the garage.

In the kitchen, there are two double pole three-way lights that control the can lights in the kitchen.

My problem is simple. I like all switches on a double or triple pole switch to face either up or down. DH and I have been known to turn on lights that should be off or turn off lights that should be on because of this bit of analness on my part.

I've never had to contend with this before. I think it is hilarious. I think DH and Older Daughter just think I am nuts.


  1. OH MY GOD.

    THAT'S where I get that from.

    Thanks for the OCD, Momma. Seriously :-P

  2. I also have Obsessive compulsive family research disorder.

    And you are welcome!