Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Taste of Tennessee - Spanky's

When DH and I want local flavor, we eat in town at a neat little place called Spanky's. It is a very unprepossessing place with wood plank floors complete with holes. They have a covered patio where smoking is allowed, but the interior of Spanky's is smoke free.

If you go there at lunch time, you walk up to the window and place your own order. My favorite is their catfish sandwich and for a side - their roasted potatoes. They have other great selections, too! These aren't skimpy eats either! I've been known to pack up half my dinner and take it home. For your bread side, this place makes the best cheesy bread. It is to die for. 

After you've placed your order and given your name, you get your soft drink, or you can order something at the bar. This place has by far the best beer in the area. They actually serve stuff that isn't Miller or Budweiser.

Supper at Spanky's is like going to any other restaurant. They seat you and serve you. The worst thing about Spanky's is their funky parking. Being down by Tennessee Tech, where parking is a huge problem, lunch time can be a hit or miss parking experience. But the food is well worth it.

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