Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Weather Fun!

Yes, I whined about the cold and snow here all winter long. Then Spring came and temps went from 50 to 86 in the blink of an eye. Yes. 86 degrees. I just finished reading the Weather Guy's blog and not only were we 20 degrees ABOVE normal yesterday, but it was also a record high.

No worries folks, we'll be covering up those tender plants later in the week when this cold front moves in. The reason I am watching the highs and lows is that I have half a whiskey barrel sitting outside waiting for dirt and a tomato plant or two. Another week and I just might get them in the ground!

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  1. We are enjoying this summer weather in Ohio, too. And, like Tennessee, will be experiencing a few snow flakes on Friday. YUCK!

  2. I also love the warm weather but, as usual, I have one little whine ... the bulb flowers don't last as long in the heat. I expect there will be a second "heat wave" when the irises come out.