Saturday, May 29, 2010

You Know Its a Small Town When ...

Took older daughter, who was taking a break from unpacking out to lunch today to "Made With Love." The people who work there are really nice and friendly. When you go for lunch you walk up to the counter and order off the menus on the wall. OD had the triple stack club sandwich. None of this turkey sliced lunch meat, the turkey was about a half inch slice of turkey. OD ate half the sandwich and took the rest home for her dinner tonight.

While we were enjoying lunch, OD's new landlord walked in as he was meeting a group there. He saw Sara, came over and introduced himself to us, made sure she was keeping a list of what needed attention and chatted about small town life for a while. He is a California native. It seemed that he knew everyone in there. But is nice to go someplace in town where you can run into neighbors and friends. OD is really glad this place is within walking distance of her new place. 

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