Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cream City is Open!!!

When DH and I were first scoping out this little 'ville halfway between the two big 'villes - Nashville & Knoxville - we saw a sign that we thought was an ice-cream place. Cream City. Boy, were we disappointed to find out it wasn't an ice cream place and wasn't open either. Soon after that it became the home of a nice chocolate place, then a short-lived cafe. After some time, it was scheduled to open as a pastry place, but that fell through. Too bad.

But now, it is open as an ice cream and coffee place. And just not ice cream and coffee either, but any coffee drink, shake, sundae that you can imagine. The owner assured us the ice cream is custom made, and I have to tell you I was brave enough to have the "garbage" ice cream. OMG! It was so good. The decor is cute. Lime green walls and metal tables - I especially like the idea of the pierced metal tables that had those battery operated touch lights for night. It's going to look really special.

Certainly hope our little 'ville supports this great place on the west side of downtown.

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