Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Organic Does Not Equal Appetizing

As an excuse to listen to an audiobook loaned by my sister for our long ride from Michigan back to Tennessee, my husband and I drove to Sparta for lunch.  On our way back, along Burgess Falls road, we stopped at the MMKM Family Produce Market, in Baxter hoping to pick up a watermelon or some fresh corn.

What we got instead was snapped at by the owner for DARING to open the cooler and peel back a little of the husk to get a look at the corn that he assured us they did not spray with chemicals. He said that if we bought six ears of corn, he would give us eight. I guess to make sure that we got six edible ears? Maybe he should think twice about not spraying because the corn looked awful, the peaches were mushy looking and his attitude sucked.

I'm not so sorry mister that you lost a customer today.

Copyright 2010, ACK, for Generational


  1. Another one bites (pun intended) the dust. Lets see if he reads the net, like the Lazy Boy dudes! Give em heck!!

  2. I don't care whether he does or not. That is no way to treat customers.