Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ramblin' Around

Shortly before DH and I left on vacation we purchased a GPS unit for my  CR-V. His car came equipped with an integrated one, but I dare you to get more than a suitcase in the trunk of his Civic Hybrid. It's small and a little uncomfortable on long trips.

So the GPS, which we call "Vee" after my CR-V, tells us where to go. We found she is especially handy in telling us which lane to drive in. Especially in cities like Cincinnati, where you really do want to be in the right lane.

This morning, before we left Wixom she directed us to a bank. Then she directed us onto I-96 and then I-275 for the start of the 600+ mile trip home. On our trip north, she was nice enough to alert us to delays via her traffic and maps feature.

Now DH is learning some of her wonderful features.

Copyright 2010, ACK, for Generational

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