Wednesday, September 15, 2010

She's the Baby, Gotta Love Her!

Happy birthday, baby sis! Many moons ago, when I was 13, my mom presented us with yet another - and thankfully the last - baby sister. You know, it's funny, but I don't really remember what boy name we picked out, I just remember my dad insisting that we name this one - if a girl - Tina Elizabeth so we could call her Tin Lizzie. Yeah, bad joke. I have to admit my reaction to the news that I had another sister instead of a second brother, was less than thrilled.

Yet, this little kid grew on me. Despite the fact that she christened me with smelly baby spit-up in the car on the way home after her baptism. This was in the day before regulation car seats. I held her all the way home, and it wasn't a short trip either!

She had otitis media as a toddler and we would laugh at her speech (we were really mean siblings) and would get hysterical when she would imitate our dad and shout "SHUT THE DAMN DOOWAH! 

Years later, after I moved out of the house, she would latch onto my leg and beg me not to leave. I'd walk to the front door dragging her behind me.

Jenni & her hubs Tom
Despite the teasing she received from all her older sibs, she turned out really good! I'm proud to have her as a sister!  Happy birthday!

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  1. Hey, air conditioning was expensive. My earliest memory is of mom holding Jenni on her lap right after she came home from the hospital.