Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Glued to the TV

Well, no, not really. My kids swear by DVR. I prefer On Demand. And it certainly has been getting interesting. You see, DH and I have gotten addicted to Detroit 1-8-7 over the weekend. We were just looking for something different to watch and we tried it. Of course having ties to the Detroit area helps. As transplanted Michiganders, it can be fun to watch a series about Detroit homicide cops and see it the way non Michiganders might see it.

The really freaky thing is that the On Demand commercials are for the HD version of Beauty and the Beast and the just-released Secretariat. A little Disney pick-me-up between murders? And those are the only commercials they show. The same ones twice in each break throughout the whole show. Because we just saw last week's episode, it means we have to watch one more episode On Demand with those totally inappropriate commercials. Gah!

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  1. See, that's where DVR wins. Zip! Right past the stupid commercials. Mind you, I don't do either, but I've heard. I have almost daily opportunities to be a 1-8-7 extra, if only I didn't have this other job. Which pays double what extra work does.

  2. I would swear by DVR more, but I have no television at home. Yay Hulu!

  3. I can zip past commercials on some programs, but not this one. On Demand is included with the cable box, DVR is not. Here it is at least an extra $20/month.