Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Cricut

My Cricut and I have been very quiet lately. Mostly, I have been trying to organize the next project, which is older daughter's photo album, which is late in being produced. I hope to add scrapbook pages to it and have been searching out papers for that purpose. Younger daughter should feel free to bring her album back here when she visits NEXT MONTH and I will attempt to add some scrapbook pages to her album, also.

In recent news, Provo Craft, and Make-The-Cut have settled their lawsuit which you can read about here. Now they have gone after Craft Edge, the producers of Sure-Cuts-A-Lot. I guess I never thought to check if there were any lawsuits filed before I bought my Cricut and my SCAL, I might have thought twice about it. One thing is for sure that I certainly cannot afford to buy cartridges ad infinitum from Provo Craft. Anyway, you can read about that lawsuit here.

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  1. I'm a new Cricut owner and love it so far. I heard about the lawsuit and saw on Facebook there is even a boycott of ProvoCraft going on...what a mess! I've purchased 6 cartridges so far and haven't paid more than $23 for any of them! I bought all off eBay, they were brand new and still in the original packaging. Actually, I purchased my Cricut and my Gypsy off eBay also. You might check it out and see if there is anything you "have" to have! :) I have a link on my Cricut blog to the eBay vendor that I used.

  2. If I purchase any cartridges, I'll be forced to update my Cricut software and then won't be able to use SCAL2. I rather use the SCAL.

  3. Jenna, BTW, some of my ancestors were from Lexington, Richmond and KC, MO.