Thursday, November 17, 2011


Over at the My Memories blog this week's Wednesday Challenge is to do a page(s) for a family tradition. Well, it seems that the only time of year we could all be together - more or less - was Christmas. Therefore, my Family Tradition page is photos of our family from 1954 to 2000. The first time I tried to do this page, I crashed My Memories. I think I blew it when I tried to add shadows to all the text. So I started over. This time I used the Joyeux Noel kit by Becca. Its a beautiful kit. The Word Art is done with  XMAS LIGHTS font from dafont which you can download for free here. I filled it with an image of one of the papers from Joyeux Noel. For those of you who are hybrid scrapbookers, as I am, it cuts beautifully with a sharp blade on my Cricut.

Tomorrow is Freebie Friday - be sure to check back for the free pages.

Copyright 2011, ACK, for Generational


  1. Where was the picture with Dad's parents taken? And, I must say, you look like the tallest kindergartener in history!

  2. I was tall for my age. The picture with grandma and grandpa was taken at their house on Cloverlawn, which you wouldn't remember. It was the upper flat.

  3. This layout is so awesome!
    I love how you have the old vintage pics along with the new one!
    Wow, those old pictures look really good! How did you preserve the color so well, or did you restore them in photoshop or something? They look beautiful! All of my old pics look kind of fuzzy and discolored.
    I love the christmas lights font you used also, that is really cute!
    Lisa H.

  4. Lisa,thanks and I think those were ektachrome slides.