Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Well, not really steamboatin' but we are staying on board the Delta Queen Hotel in Chattanooga, Tennessee thanks to our wonderful daughters who watch for Living Social deals!

DH demonstrates just how narrow this cabin is.
It is an experience. This boat is old. Manufactured in Scotland, assembled in California in 1926 and steamed up and down the Mississippi and the Ohio rivers, the Delta Queen is over 80 years old and made of wood, and is no longer allowed to ply the rivers. So she sits docked on the riverfront in Chattanooga.

The staff is very friendly and helpful - reminding us to check for a space heater for our room, which it didn't have. Not that we turned it on yesterday, because we get the southwest sun and the room was pretty warm until the middle of the night when one of the transom windows  that is on the riverside of the room, popped open. It got quite brisk in there over night! But there is no phone and no TV. DH and I have found that we are just as happy having our computer time in the public area in the passageways. After all there are only three electrical outlets in the room!

Breakfast was in the Orleans room, which was the original cargo area. The decks there are made of rare ironwood, and originally was strong enough to hold cars and other cargo. It was buffet style and our server kept our coffee cups full. Tonight, we have a complimentary dinner in the Paddlewheel room.

Yesterday's dinner was at the brewhaus (yes, small b) and we had a wonderful burger and I even "gasp" drank a beer. Gawd, I miss beer. And this one was absolutely wonderful.

Lunch today, was at TacoMac across the river downtown. We've eaten there before and have never ever been disappointed. Today was no exception. I had the chicken tortilla soup and a Monterey chicken salad. Yummy.
Walnut Street Pedestrian Only Bridge

The Delta Queen resides on the north shore of the Tennessee River and Taco Mac's is on the south shore. We took a walk across on the Walnut Street Pedestrian bridge, the longest pedestrian only bridge. The trip back was across the Market Street Bridge. Kind of weird having cars whiz by you while you are walking. My family knows how I hate bridges, so I am sure they are surprised by my agreeing to walk over one not once, but twice!
Market Street Bridge

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  1. I am indeed really surprised that you walked over both bridges. But it sounds like you and dad are having fun, even if your room is really small.