Sunday, March 4, 2012

I'm a Little Teapot ...

Well, yes, I am losing a lot of that teapot shape myself -- but I've had my eye on the Chamomile Friendship Cards over at SVG Cuts, and thought I would try it! I had a lot of fun making one and hope the person for whom it is intended enjoys receiving it! The file cut beautifully with my Sizzix eClips and I used the Sizzix Texture Boutique to emboss a couple parts of the card. And I used Hello on it and shadowed it using eCal to get both parts of the Hello. I also cut out a little oval to write my message on the inside since I used cardstock printed on both sides.

If you click on the image you should be able to see a little more of the detail. I also used my Colorbox fluid pastels to enhance those cute polka dots on the lid. I probably should have used a little highlighting on the yellow part of the pot so you could see that embossing - oh well - something to remember for next time! If you click on the teapot card photo you can see the embossing better!

In the photo you can see some of my favorite things - it's also probably the cleanest part of the storeroom/craft room!  The Texture Boutique is the perfect size for me, I really do have limited workspace in this combined space. Yes, the Sizzix eClips takes up a lot more room than my old baby Bug (Cricut personal) but it is so much better and the cuts are well, they are just perfect. Also pictured is my old Windows XP laptop which has the eCal software loaded on it. Actually it still has the Cricut software on it too!

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