Friday, September 21, 2012

The Fire Pit

A couple of years ago, DH and I bought a fire pit. The metal wood-burning kind. We never used it. Younger daughter, after her move to Nashville asked to borrow it. So it resides there. We talked about borrowing our fire pit back, but finally decided what we really wanted was a propane powered one, so that we can turn it off and feel a lot safer about using it.

So, earlier this week we went to Lowes and bought one. This is what it looks like. Nice looking, eh? Except when we went to remove the side panel where the propane tank goes, it started crumbling. Back to Lowes where we exchanged it.

I kind of liked this, and since it wasn't resin stone, I thought, no problems.  Well, when we took it out of the package, one whole side was caved in. Back to Lowes. Back to square one.

Right now we have a bench sitting out on the fire pit pad looking at nothing! The original fire pit? Well, we generously gave it to younger daughter. Not that I want to haul a smoky smelling fire pit from Nashville to home!

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