Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Hot Tub

Well, it is finally in, electrified, passed inspection and tested and approved. On Monday, the electrician followed by the inspector, made a visit to our house and got us up and running. After a couple minor glitches  - a couple of loose fittings - DH and I decided to test out our tub. OMG! Nirvana! Heaven! Whatever you want to call it, we are there!

Wow! The Light is Bright!

DH looks like he's being attacked by the Vashta Nerada!
The only thing I noticed is that my built in buoyancy compensators cause me to float a bit. I have a hard time not floating when on the lounge part. 

For you Dr. Who fans out there, in the lower picture, Hubby looks like he's being attached by the Vashta Nerada! Who turned out the lights?

My replaced right knee is loving the spa treatment!

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