Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Memories Suite Giveaway - Day 13 - More on Templates

Sometimes, it is easier to use a template than to take the time to align elements yourself. I wanted a specific layout, so I went searching in the Designer Templates for a layout I liked.

What I will do when I find one, is to save it as a template album in this case I saved as Classic Template album and then I am able to just import one page from that album into my working album.

The photo layout I chose consisted of five photos. Where I inserted the word art, is actually a photo box, which I inserted with paper.  You can see our sweet little Mouse is full of mischief. It's all I can do to keep her from knocking all the ornaments off the tree. Some people count the days until Christmas, I am counting the days till the tree comes down! Hopefully by my hands and not her little paws!

Remember, you can win a copy of My Memories Suite version 4 - the latest version, which was released the day after Thanksgiving. All you have to do is visit My Memories, browse through the kits, come back and leave a comment telling me which is your favorite kit. It's that simple. If you'd like extra chances to win, visit them on their Facebook page, like their page and come back and tell me in the comments section; and/or follow them on Twitter, come back and leave me a message in the comments section and you will get extra entries into the drawing.

The contest ends at Midnight CST on December 20th. Winner will be posted on December 21st.

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