Thursday, August 7, 2008

About Town

I really love this little town. The people are so friendly. We went to Spring Fest and saw a very small street fair. It had the usual craft items for sale, food tents, old cars, covered wagon rides, and camel rides. Me on the hump of a camel, I don't think so. My favorite was the Ford Skyliner Hardtop convertible. The owner even encouraged us to sit in it and take pictures. It was very cool. That I would have loved to ride in.

A couple days ago as DH and I pulled into the parking lot at Walmart, I looked up and said "What is that?" DH knew right away. It was a 1965 Ford International Harvester Scout. Are you as amazed as I am that he knew what it was? It was the cutest thing. It was a nice bright fire engine red. The lady who owned says she drives it around town, and she and her hubby have taken many years to restore it. She wanted that particular model since it was made the year she was born and cost new $3500 in 1965. She's had a bed liner installed and the seats are from a Ford Mustang.

I know how people are about their cars, especially classic vehicles. and she noticed the door was ajar on the passenger side. Says it happens all the time since people are so curious about the vehicle. Said it was no big deal. OK, I am from the Detroit area and you know what I am thinking. We had a nice chat with her as she pointed out the different gear shifts - 3 of them, one for hauling farm equipment, one for four-wheel drive and the third the usual gear shift.
It's a great town and the residents are very patient with all the northerners who have invaded their town.


  1. Yeah, up here that would have meant the stereo was gone.

  2. Reminds me of going to a RedWings game with dad at the old Olympia stadium. When we came out to the guarded enclosed parking lot, the vent window was smashed and the CB radio gone! At least we could drive it home in zero degree weather, unlike the guy who went out to find his car up on blocks and all wheels gone!