Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Topsoil - Or: Pig Dirt Revisited

Up in the Great Lakes state, when we had our lawn put in, the landscaper came and dumped topsoil on our hard clay wasteland, laid sod on top of that and we watered our hearts out. With the sprinkler system DH and his dad installed.

Here in Tennessee, the topsoil is pig dirt! Well, it is dirt from pig farms. Not that I have ever seen a pig here except for at the county fair and the stockyards. There are lots of cows here in the city, grazing on valuable city property on farms that have been grandfathered in the rezoning. But not pigs. How far do they have to go to import pig dirt?

The company responsible for the road reconstruction project going on a block away has also decided to go the pig dirt route for infill. DH wants to take a walk later to see what has been accomplished today. No way am I walking near that pig dirt. You know what it smells like - well, it smells like pig dirt!

I can't believe we are getting ready to dig up our lawn soon and reseed. That means our pig dirt will become odoriferous again. Blah! Just when you think it is safe to open the windows!

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