Friday, October 24, 2008

The Birthday Guy

DH has his 59th birthday today - sorry DH for spilling the beans - and it reminds me of when I first met him. We met on a singles bowling league 30 years ago. It was his birthday and a card was circulating for him. Since I was new to the league and we hadn't yet bowled his team, I had someone point him out. Interesting. I've always been attracted to dark-haired men, and his was very dark and he had a really nice groomed beard and mustache. Yummy. Then I was told he was dating someone. Rats.

A month later, we met again at a Michigan-Ohio State game party. He came a little later and was sitting in the chair I had vacated earlier. He let me sit on his lap. So unlike him, I later found out. Love at first sit? Don't know, but yet another month went by, and we were attending a production of Annie at the Fisher Theater in Detroit. I was able to purchase discounted tickets for it, and DH had asked for two. By the time the date had rolled around, he and the woman he was dating had broken up, but he still brought her. I found out yet another month later that they had broken up just before we went to the theater. So it was in January 1979, we started bowling together. We were goaded into an incentive program for bowling. If you got a spare, one kiss; if a strike, two kisses. What a great way to find out if your partner is a good kisser! Thus, began our relationship.

Later on, I found out friends of both of us were horrified by the combination of the two of us. Yes, I am outspoken, and I was a bit wild back then. DH was always on the quiet side. Whatever, we just meshed, and I have had the honor of spending every birthday since with him. We became more than just husband and wife in 1979. He is my very best friend.

Many more, DH! I love you more and more each day!

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  1. awwww. momma, you made me cry. i hope that someday i can find what you two have. guess i need to find one of the quiet ones :-)