Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Small Town Charm

Four years ago when we made our first trip to this cozy little town, we were out one night looking for snacks. Now, you can only live on so much vending machine stuff before you start craving some goodies. Namely ice cream, which is hard to keep in a hotel room, even ones with mini-fridges.

So off we went to explore. During the day, we had noticed this big CREAM CITY sign over one of the buildings downtown. Ice cream! Can you imagine our disappointment when we drove up and discovered it hadn't been an ice cream place in many, many years? Not only that, but it was a former ice cream plant not a soda fountain.

I don't know if the Cream City sign was kept as a landmark, or too expensive to tear down, BUT it is always lit at night. Those neon lights would spell out Cream City in a running pattern.

Shortly after we bought our property, someone bought the building, and installed an upscale candy place in it, called Cocoa Ladies. Well, that is sort of defunct. Last I saw they were operating out of the coffee shop next door.

In February, we heard the building had sold again. We waited and we waited for something to open up, keeping our fingers crossed. Since Murphy's law reigns supreme around me, while we were in Michigan for niece's wedding, the Herald-Citizen ran an article on the new "Cream City Cafe and soda fountain."

So it was this afternoon, that we made our way downtown to Cream City and lunched at the cafe, adding a small ice cream sundae to the mix. Yum. DH had a fried pork chop and 3 sides. I had a BLT. They were delicious. It reminded me of the soda fountains that used to be in drug stores. Or of the lunch counter at Woolworths or Kresges. We were served cokes in glass bottles with straws. It was a fun blast from the past.


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